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Just a heads up, this might come across as more of a rant compared to my usual writings.

Every community has an unwritten code of ethics, laws and rules, and the fitness community is no different. For gym newbies, or not so newbies that need to be reminded daily in particular, it’s essential to know what is expected of you when you step foot in a gym, so you don’t end up being “that guy” or “that girl.”

What gives someone the right to teach exercise?

I watch “trainers” daily that dont know a thing about exercise posting videos “teaching” people how to train.

To quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail, "It's just a flesh wound!" What an insurmountable problem is to some, others see as a mere "flesh wound".

When we found out that Kadlin had a bacterial infection I told everyone how that was phenomenal news.  Kadlin was diagnosed with C-diff (Super basic terms means crazy diarrhea that needs antibiotics to fix). I was NOT being sarcastic about my excitement. Let me explain. 

This is not going to be a "happily ever after" post, because this is a reality of our lives. Most of the time, I am able to easily see the good. Most of the time I don't pay attention to the" hard" things that we have to deal with, because to us, it’s really not that big of a deal. The positive nearly ALWAYS outweighs the negative. But that is not always the whole picture. Often we don't speak of these things because it is a deep vulnerability that cuts and bites to the core. It is a stark look at reality and mortality. That doesn't mean I walk around with a cloud of doom and gloom, but sometimes, somethings hit hard. This is a snap shot of those heart-rending moments.

Cali sunset.jpgNew Year’s resolutions have always made me feel like a failure.

I need to first say this is not pointing fingers at anyone, but it is pointing out a social epidemic. I say “epidemic” because I know this happens to quite a few people. It is very wide spread.

This may not sit well with you, but it's something that you need to know, and so I'm just going to come out and say it.