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Everyone has an opinion. It’s almost like they’ve lived their own lives and not mine!! Weird, right? How could that happen? We have all lived our own lives, and therefore have our very own personalized perspective of the world surrounding us. The experiences I’ve had shaped me into the person I am today. The things you have gone through developed you. So, why then does someone else’s opinions of me matter more than mine of myself?

I had someone call me vain. My hands were full of trash bags I had just emptied from the gym…. I wasn’t even wearing makeup that day. I was hurt that anyone could think that about me. I was angry that she dared judge me! How dare she! Thing is, her life led her to form that opinion, mine led me to be offended at that. Now I came to a fork in the road. I could have let this comment become internalized and believed it, or I could realize “What people think of me is none of my business.” I, happily, chose to let it slide off me, like oil and water.

You see, what I think about me is what matters. There was a point in my life when I couldn’t think of one solitary good thing about myself. I was too fat, I was stupid, I couldn’t do anything right, I was scared of showing my true self because I KNEW I would come up short on every way you could have measured.

At this point I stopped eating. I thought if I could just change my appearance, just be pretty enough, I could be likeable... Turns out, I was a good person. I just let what I thought others thought mattered more. It’s not like someone specifically told me I was fat or ugly. But I knew I wasn’t “good enough”. I internalized opinions that came from outside of me. I attempted to dance to someone else’s drum.

I can’t tell you a time my life was worse! I hated myself, I was unhappy, and just over all miserable. I decided I was done. I was worth more than that. I started to find my own path. I started with something simple. I decided I would wear the clothes that I wanted. I wouldn’t worry about if they were “fashionable” or “stylish” or “in”. I would wear only things that I wanted to. I was ready to be comfortable in my own skin.

Listen to Mustn'ts, child, listen to the Don'ts.
Listen to the Shouldn'ts, the Impossibles, the Won'ts.
Listen to the Never Haves, then listen close to me.
Anything can happen, child, Anything can be.

-Shel Silverstein

I have found my drum. My heart. I dance to it’s beautiful music. It plays so that only I, and people with stethoscopes, can hear. I live life to the fullest extent I can. For me, that may mean I will offend people that think I should listen to what they think of me and change myself to fit in their neat little box.


As a person who loves my full self (including appearance), I will post pictures on social media of me. While I get some love and support I also get nasty and rude comments. I don’t know how many people tell me I’m “too skinny” or “don’t lift too heavy! You’ll get too big!” I stopped counting. One memorable time I had a single comment “UGLY!!”. Well, that was uncalled for and kinda out of the blue. It took me off guard. I was flabbergasted anyone could say that! Turns out, I don’t really care why he thought that. I do wonder why he thought it was ok to say that. But, I found, it doesn’t matter why people say cruel things. I don’t need to believe it. I now know that I MATTER. I love myself just as I am. Odd quirks and all! Anyone who spends much time with me will find I have a few quirks… I will spend time every day bettering myself. I know I have room to improve, but I don’t need to listen and internalize the voices that tell me I’m not good enough.

Life is too short to not believe in yourself. I do my best every day to be a good human being. That’s good enough for me.


Mary Beth Stubbs

I can't figure out why, but people universally neglect to train their legs. It's a funny thing, since proper leg training will dramatically deliver total body results.

Walk into any gym and you'll see the bench press taken, the dumbbells being curled-and an empty squat rack in the corner.

Leg exercises are tough, I won't deny that, but the benefits are more than worth the exertion. 

A Case for Your Legs

Your legs are a major muscle group, so it's no surprise that training them will get you big time results. Training your legs will...

  1. Melt fat from your body. As I mentioned above, leg exercises are tough. Your legs are a large part of your body, so each exercise literally moves your whole body. This is precisely why a good leg workout will fire up your metabolism to melt fat away. You'll burn more calories while exercising your legs than any other body part. 

    Due to the intense nature of a leg workout, your metabolism becomes elevated for more than 24 hours. That means that for an entire day your body continues to burn extra calories without any extra effort on your part. Who wouldn't love that?
  2. Build strength for everyday life. How often do you use your legs? Most of us depend on our legs constantly throughout the day-so wouldn't it make sense to strengthen our individual mode of transportation? Kind of like putting a super charger on the engine of your car. 

    Exercising your legs isn't only about increased strength; you'll also improve your coordination and balance. This means that you'll be able to do and experience things that you otherwise would have missed. You only live once, right?
  3. Uncover natural muscle shape. Let's be honest, toned legs are attractive. I'm not saying that you're legs will bulge with muscles (unless we trained you for that), but I am saying that consistently training your legs will uncover your natural toned shape. 

    Many of our clients discover a whole new level of confidence after getting their legs back into shape. Women especially enjoy the freedom to wear shorts or a skirt without feeling embarrassed to show their legs. Wouldn't you love that freedom? 

    Oh, and I should tell you that as you strengthen your legs you'll also reduce the risk of injury to your lower back because you'll actually learn to pick things up off the ground the right way.

Best Leg Exercises

Now that I've convinced you to pay more attention to your legs, here are three of the top exercises you should do. Each of these exercises have dozens of different variations, so have fun and always keep your workouts fresh and challenging.

  1. The Lunge: Start with your feet together, take a large step forward and bend your knees down into a lunge position. Exhale as you press yourself back up to a standing position, or continue through with your step into another lunge.
  2. The Squat: Start with your feet shoulder width apart, inhale as you bend your knees, keeping your back straight. Be sure to keep your knees from going past your toes. Exhale as you push back up to a standing position.
  3. The Dead Lift: Grip the barbell with a mixed grip (one palm faces you, one doesn't). Allow the barbell to hang down in front of you as you stand on the platform with your feet shoulder width apart. Lean forward at your waist, keeping your back flat, and bend your knees, bringing the bar down past them. Exhale as you straighten your legs and lift the bar up. When you are standing upright lean back slightly and squeeze the muscles of your lower back. Hold this contraction for a moment. Inhale and slowly return back down to the starting position.

By no stretch of the imagination are these three the ONLY leg exercises out available. And that's the other great thing about training your legs... you have tons of options and variations. 

Want to know more about leg exercises and which ones are the best for you? Are you finally ready to get into the best shape of your life? Let me help. 

Reply to this email or call me at the number above and we'll schedule a consultation where you and I can assess your goals and I can show you the fastest and safest way to reach them.



Just a heads up, this might come across as more of a rant compared to my usual writings.

Every community has an unwritten code of ethics, laws and rules, and the fitness community is no different. For gym newbies, or not so newbies that need to be reminded daily in particular, it’s essential to know what is expected of you when you step foot in a gym, so you don’t end up being “that guy” or “that girl.”

You know the one: He’s that totally selfish dude who disrupts your workout, ruining your gym session and everyone else’s with his rude, self-centred behaviour.

Don’t be that guy. Follow these basic gym etiquette rules so that everyone can have a happier workout.

1. Use Headphones (Now required 24/7- Even if you are the only in the gym!)

The gym is a place for people to unwind and/or squeeze in their daily sweat session. Usually, that means in private (unless you are with a partner or group coach.) With that being said, it’s important that you mind your manners. Don’t blast your music from your phone’s speakers, and so that I don't stab you, do not bring your own super-powerful portable speakers for the whole gym to hear. Nobody wants to listen to you grunt along to “I'm Too Sexy” for the third time in a row. Use your headphones. For the record, I really won't stab you, but I will lock your door access card out which might feel like a stab to the heart.

We know that music at the gym is an opportunity to get you in your zone and drown out the background noise. But everyone has their own taste of music, and no one needs a show. Plus, if you blast your music, you’ll only be adding onto other peoples’ background noise, and this can be incredible distracting to other gym goers. Keep those sick beats to yourself.

2. Put Equipment Back Where You Found It

Nothing is more annoying than not being able to find a weight that you want to use. Plus, messy gyms with equipment scattered around can be both dangerous and unsanitary. What’s more important to note is that someone can easily trip over the weights and seriously hurt themself.

It may not only be you, but you yourself can help the cause. After you use a weight, please put it back; for your own safety and for the safety of others.

3. Put Your Phone Away

Unless you are using your phone to play music (and listening to it with your headphones, of course,) there should be no reason for you to be talking loudly on your phone at the gym.

It can be incredibly annoying for someone who is waiting to use the machine or equipment you are using, meanwhile you are either texting, on a call, or scrolling through social media in between sets. Be considerate, step away from any equipment and handle your personal matters outside of the gym, or at least away from anyone’s workout space.

4. Offer To Spot — Don’t Offer To Teach

This one is especially important to remember. If you see someone alone who is attempting to do an exercise with an extremely heavy weight, offer a helping hand! Politely ask them if they would be comfortable with you spotting them. Who knows, you may actually make a friend along the way. And if you don’t, oh well, you did your good deed for the day.

What you DON’T want to do is be that person who “knows” more than everyone else. Don’t go up to someone while they are in the middle of their set and offer tips on how they can improve their form and whatnot. You’ll look like a giant know-it-all, and you’ll probably make the person you’re trying to help uncomfortable. No one wants that.

5. Clean Your Equipment

Nobody wants to be working out on someone else’s sweat. Over the course of a day, a single piece of gym equipment may have more than 100 users, and not all of them clean up afterwards. Even if you haven’t actively sweated a ton on your mat or treadmill, do everyone a favour and give all your equipment a wipe down after you use it. It’s just you doing your part in keeping the gym clean. This includes wiping or cleaning up your chalk mess.

6. Be Wary Of Your Space

If you’re doing a circuit or you’re performing a sequence compounds movements that require a breadth of space, like burpees or walking lunges, be aware of who is in the gym and how much space you really have. You may not always be able to get the workout you want, especially if you’re going to the gym during its busiest hours, like immediately after work. Come prepared with backup exercises that utilize less room, and always try to be mindful of everyone around you.

7. Take It Easy On The Smells

You didn’t have time to wash your gym clothes, so you douse them in cologne or perfume and hope for the best. The gym is a closed space with lots of sweaty people occupying it, so there are bound to be a lot of odours at play. Some people are allergic or irritated by strong smells, while others are simply annoyed by them. Either way, the gym is not the place to be sharing your love of Axe Deodorant Body Spray.

8. Grunting

I'm going to save this one for an article all by itself, so here is the short version. It's not that I'm by any means ANTI-Grunting, but holy hell people! It should not sound like you are filming the latest male on male porno with your workout buddies. Come to think of I could probably make a small fortune posting the security camera clips. Keep the grunting to respectable levels please.


How would you like to be naturally lean, muscular and energetic? To effortlessly maintain a low body fat, rippling muscles and picturesque health?

Mark Sisson, an athlete, coach, and student on a lifelong quest for exceptional health, happiness, and peak performance (his words), penned the book, "The Primal Blueprint" to show you how to do just that. 

At 55, he weighs 165 pounds with 8 percent body fat, eats as much food as he pleases, and rarely gets sick. He also says he's healthier, fitter, happier and more productive than ever. 

So what is Mark's secret? 

In his words, "Modeling your 21st-century life after our primal hunter-gather ancestors will help you greatly reduce or eliminate almost all of the disease risk factors that you may falsely blame on genes you inherited from your parents 

Weight loss does not have to involve the suffering, sacrifice, and deprivation we've been conditioned to accept but instead is a matter of eating the right foods (plants and animals), avoiding the wrong foods (processed carbs—including grains—and trans and partially hydrogenated fats), and exercising strategically, for far fewer hours than you might assume, to reach your desired fitness goals." 

Here are The Ten Primal Blueprint Laws: 

Law #1:Eat Lots of Plants and Animals
The bulk of the caveman diet is animal protein (organic, free-range, or wild sources of meat, fowl, and fish), a plethora of colorful veggies and fruits, and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, their derivative butters, certain oils, and avocados). 

Law #2: Avoid Poisonous Things 
For the caveman this meant staying away from poisonous plants. For you this means staying away from sugars, sodas, chemically altered fats, processed, packaged, fried and preserved foods. It also means cutting out grains. 

Law #3:Move Frequently at a Slow Pace
The caveman spent several hours each day moving around at a low-level aerobic pace. This helped develop strong bones, joints, and connective tissue. 

Law #4:Lift Heavy Things
Frequent bursts of intense physical effort were a daily part of the caveman's life. Biochemical signals would be triggered that prompted improvements and adaptations in muscle tone, size and power. 

Law #5: Sprint Once in a While
For the caveman a fast sprint meant the difference between being eaten and staying alive. Little did he know that those sprints were helping to increase his energy levels, improve athletic performance and minimize the effects of aging by promoting the release of testosterone and human growth hormone. 

Law #6:Get Adequate Sleep
The rising and setting of the sun dictated the length of the caveman's day. For us things are a bit trickier. Adequate sleep helps the immune system work optimally, and promotes the release of hormones that enhance brain and endocrine function. 

Law #7:Play Without a TV or computer to entertain himself, the caveman would engage in hours of leisurely outdoor play. Relaxed play releases endorphins and provides a balance for mental stress. 

Law #8:Get Adequate Sunlight
It's impossible to obtain adequate vitamin D from diet alone. Getting regular sun exposure allows for proper vitamin D production, critical for healthy cell function. 

Law #9:Avoid Stupid Mistakes
Observation and self-preservation were key factors in the survival of a caveman. Today's world is full of distractions that leave us oblivious and careless. Take, for example, texting while driving. 

Law #10: Use Your Brain
The human brain separates us from the animals. Intellectual stimulation is an important part of healthy brain function. 

Rave Reviews: Despite its stringent requirements, the caveman diet is converting new followers by the boatload. Most people report losing 10 or more pounds in their first month and that they no longer feel bloated and sleepy after meals. 

Should You Jump on the Primal Bandwagon? So, in light of the evidence, should you put down your whole wheat bagel and low fat cream cheese in exchange for a hunk of meat and pile of veggies? 

Hold your horses.

Though the caveman diet has been proven to promote weight loss, times have changed. Could you really practice all of the Primal Laws while maintaining your modern life? 

Yeah... I didn't think so. 

So, where do you go from here? You want to lose weight, to protect yourself from disease and to look and feel great. 

A great solution, that doesn't require drastic change, is to take 3 bits of advice from the caveman—advice that will promote weight loss, decrease your risk of disease and will get you looking and feeling great. 

1. Make Plants and Animals the Focus of Your Diet: This will quickly lead to weight loss and increased energy. Don't be so hard on yourself that everything you put in your mouth has to be caveman approved – but make it the majority of your diet. 

2. Cut Out Processed Food: The simplest way to promote weight loss and to encourage good health is to eliminate processed foods from your diet. When you replace processed foods with fresh produce your results will be immediate. Not only will you feel healthier, you will have more energy than you'll know what to do with! 

3. Exercise: Since you will need an outlet for all that extra energy, acquire a new hobby—one that gets you moving. Have you ever met a lazy caveman? Of course not. (And this is not just because you were born a few centuries too late!) Cavemen were forced to be active in order to survive. Hunt dinner. Build a fire. Move a fallen tree. Create shelter. You get the idea If you want a lean, muscular body then exercise must become a part of your daily life. 

This is where I come in. Let's meet one-on-one to design an exercise program that will fit your unique goals. 

Call or email today to get started. 


As the second month of 2017 comes to a close, where do you stand with your resolutions?  Have you made progress or did your motivation sizzle out?  Most people wait around for motivation to strike them like a lightning bolt. Well, I've got news: motivation isn't something that happens to you - it's something that you create for yourself.

Want to drop a size or two this month? It’s more possible than you think! Incorporate the following diet secrets into your daily routine to naturally boost your metabolism, automatically lower your daily consumption of calories and keep your motivation going strong so that you drop excess fat quicker than ever before.

First , before I tell you what foods to avoid, let's talk about what you should be eating for breakfast and why. When you wake in the morning, your body is in a fasted state and using fat for fuel. Once you ingest carbohydrates, you switch fuels and the fat buring stops. Moving carb intake to later in the day allows you to burn fat longer. That's what you want! Right?